Dual Turf Golf Mat

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Simulates hitting off a tee, out of the rough or in the fairway.

Give your students the advantage of being able to practice hitting from any angle with this dual golf mat! Two hitting surfaces allow you to utilize a full range of clubs to their fullest effect.

Practice Any Shot

This chipping and driving mat mimics both the short grass of the fairway and longer roughage for a realistic approach to practicing shots from different angles. The rougher side is great for short irons and wedges; the tee is optimal for driving; and the short grass is perfect for longer irons. Roughage is 2" thick and is denser than the ½" thick fairway material.

Non-Slip Design

Designed with a non-slip grip backing, this dual golf mat won't shift, slide, slip, or skid when your students make contact with the ball. Further, the rubber material—along with the overall thickness of the mat itself—will work to protect your gym floors from club impacts as students get familiar with their swing.

Our Smallest Mat

Measuring just 24"L x 12"W, this offers a small footprint for practice swings. It is also easy to pick up, carry, and set down wherever you're instructing for the day and it stores easily in equipment sheds until the next class.