Double Ab Wheel


Double ab wheel provides far better stability than single-wheel models.

Add stability to your ab exercise with this double abdominal wheel! Cushioned foam handles provide a more secure grip for easy, reliable use.

Simple Solution

There's no need to complicate core work when such an effective and easy solution is available. The Double Ab Wheel is a simple way to strengthen your abdominal muscles and you only need one small, economical piece of equipment that easily stores away after use. It engages your core by forcing you to stabilize your upper and lower body together.

Easy to use

Place your hands on the handles, kneel down and put the wheel on the floor. Then, keeping your core tight the whole time, roll the wheel out and back in. The second wheel adds stability when rolling it out, and the cushioned foam handles make the exercise more comfortable. 7-1/2" dia plastic wheels roll smoothly across carpet and hardwood floors.