DOM Mini Shoot Scooter Hockey Set

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Plastic sticks provide institutional strength to aide in scooter board hockey!

These short-handled sticks provide a fun game of mini scooter hockey for your PE class!

Scooter Hockey Fun

This set provides a fun twist on hockey and gives students a unique, high-energy activity. Students sit or lay on scooter boards (not included) and progress the ball down the play area with a stick and their feet. The game encourages teamwork and communication as students pass to each other and set up plays on the fly.

Durable Design

The stick's shaft is made with strong and flexible ABS plastic that allows it to flex and therefore not snap. A durable blade also provides a solid striking surface for players. Sticks measure 12-1/2"L, making them easy for even young students to control with a single hand.

Set includes 12 sticks (6 each red and blue) for easy team organization, a gym hockey ball that eliminates bouncing, and a 4" dia DOM-90 puck.