Deluxe Recess Pack with Cart

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Our top-of-the-line products, with our best cart to store it all!

This deluxe pack includes a variety of top-quality equipment to keep students engaged and a durable, mobile cart to transport and access equipment with ease!


  • This pack includes footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, rubber playground balls, cones and markers, jump ropes, and more!
  • Wide-variety of equipment keeps students engaged and active at recess.
  • Equipment in this pack is suggested for students from elementary to junior and high school ages.

All-Inclusive Pack

Featuring 93 pieces of equipment, this all-inclusive pack includes all the equipment you need to keep students active during recess. Durable equipment stands up to the institutional use both indoors and out.

Neatly store and easily access all the included equipment on the recess storage cart. The cart features all terrain wheels and swivel casters, allowing it to easily transport everything you need for class indoors and out. The sturdy steel construction with a powder-coat finish adds durability for lasting use. Assembly required.

Pack includes:

  • QuikSelect Jump Ropes, Set of 18 (6 Ea 6'L, 8'L, 16'L)
  • Rainbow DuraHoop Plus Hoops (30" dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow ClassicCoat Dodgeballs (8.25" dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow Utility Balls (8.5" dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Basketballs (Size 5), Set of 6
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Footballs (Junior), Set of 6
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Soccer Balls (Size 4), Set of 6
  • UltraPlay Tetherballs, 2 Ea
  • Rainbow Vinyl Spots (12" dia), Set of 12
  • Rainbow Vinyl Cones (12"H), Set of 12
  • Titan All-Terrain Recess Rack with Plastic Bins, 1 Ea