Deluxe Bowstrings

As low as $4.95

Filament core keeps string firm and taut, wears longer than other strings.

Quickly swap out worn bowstrings with reliable and resilient replacements. With 2 AMO lengths available, outfitting any size bow is easy.

Exceptional Durability

Designed with a thick monofilament center surrounded by a 10-strand B-50 fiber, these bowstrings are supremely durable. Ten fibers are hand-woven for consistency and reliability, ensuring every nocked arrow receives superior tension and a clean release. Each string features custom Dacron with center serving and double loops for easy installation, allowing you to swap out old strings in moments. Strings have a 55 lb maximum draw weight.

A Size for Every Bow

Find the perfect bowstring for students choosing from 2 AMO lengths. AMO length is an industry standard of bow length, measured from tip to tip along the bow's curved edge. It is important to note that the string will actually be 3-4 inches shorter than its AMO length. By matching your bow's AMO length with the string AMO length, you know you're getting a string that perfectly fits your specific bow.