DeBeer Clincher Gymball Softballs

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Extra-soft, fiber-core balls offer added safety and limited flight.

The limited flight of these balls allows players to safely practice hitting, catching, and fielding indoors or out. Players can even hit them with metal bats! An extra-soft, hand-woven fiber center wrapped in a gentle TruTech horsehide leather shell restricts flight for more controlled play.


  • 12", 14", or 16"
  • Leather Cover
  • Fiber Core

Safe for all Players

Slightly raised seams give the ball better grip as players practice throwing and catching techniques. The ball is also soft enough to catch without the need of a glove. Even with a softer shell and more forgiving core, these balls are extremely tough! Balls stand up to hit after hit, indoors or outdoors, without breaking or losing resilience. Multiple sizes offer different levels of comfort to players of all skill levels.

Controlled Hitting and Flight

The TruTech horsehide leather shell and fiber center feel like a regular softball, but they offer a controlled flight pattern that limits hitting range. Restricted distance lends itself to practice and pickup games, as well as PE classes.