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CurlingPro Bowling Set

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Swap the ball for a curling stone in a unique version of bowling!

Place the mat on one end of the playing area and arrange the pins similarly to a traditional bowling game. Divide players into 2 teams, and have them stand behind a line 20' away from the front of the mat. A player from the first team rolls their stone toward the pins, trying to knock them down. If there are any pins left standing, the player rolls the second stone. Award points according to standard bowling scoring rules and have players record the score on their own paper. Reset the pins for the second team. Players continue to alternate throwing, and the team with the most points after 10 frames, wins! Make the curling game more challenging by having a team roll only 1 stone per frame or deduct points if a stone does not reach the mat. Players can also strategically throw their stone to block the other team from hitting the pins.

Mat is made of heavy-duty 13 oz vinyl that resists tearing and is easy to clean. It features a curling theme and pin placement for simple setup. Rugged plastic curling stones are red and blue for instant team identification. Smooth ball-bearing rollers allow the stones to glide across gym floors, mimicking the action of a real stone on ice. A TPR edge creates a realistic reaction when 2 stones hit, while also minimizing wear and tear. Durable, nonweighted polyethylene pins weigh only 7.3 oz, making them easy to knock over.

Set includes 1 vinyl mat (54" sq), 2 stones (6"H x 10" dia; 3-1/2 lb), 10 pins (15"H), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.