Create-A-Beam Plus Balance Beam

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Unit:  Set of 30

This balance beam for kids features hexagon connectors for limitless path options!

The 6-sided, 12" dia beam docks act as connecting islands, letting you twist and turn the balance course in any direction! Lightweight, durable foam pieces in bright colors make this an ideal set for beginners!

Endless Activity Options

Create a new balance course every time you set it up! Hexagon-shaped beam docks help you quickly interlock channel pieces to form new and interesting shapes. With 6 different connection points on the hexagon docks and 8 connection points on straight pieces, there are endless design options! Docks can also be used by themselves for stationary balance activities.

Lightweight, Durable Design

Durable ethafoam beam pieces are lightweight yet durable for lasting use. Friction-fit interlocking plastic rods ensure pieces stay in place for the duration of the class and can be used both indoors and out. The foam design offers a slight give on impact, improving safety while beginners work on their balance skills.

Complete Set includes 18 straight sections (15”L x 5”W x 2”H) and 12 hexagon beam docks (10”W x 2”H), resulting in numerous setup options to keep playtime fresh and fun.