Cosom Replacement Blades

As low as $4.95

Lightweight ABS-plastic floor hockey sticks for elementary through senior high action.

If the blades on your Cosom floor hockey sticks are starting to show wear, replace them with these durable options.

  • Fiberglass Blades. Reinforced with polyethylene for superb durability, greater flex, and enhanced ability to absorb impact. Available in yellow, red, or blue. These blades are designed for use on Cosom Plastic-Shaft Floor Hockey Sticks.
  • Reinforced Polyethylene Blades. Reinforced with fiberglass to hold up to rough outdoor surfaces and will not damage indoor floors. Aerodynamic design leads to faster, more powerful shots and passes. Available in orange or black. These blades are designed for use on Cosom Power Shaft Floor Hockey Sticks.