Complete Guide to Sport Education Book

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Get students up and active—for life!

Emphasizing skill building, fair play, responsibility, and staying active outside of class, this book provides teachers with everything they need to encourage a healthy lifestyle in students. An online resource features plans, assessments, and handouts.

Learn Lifelong Skills

This 224-page book provides theory and application for games, sports, and a wide variety of fitness activities. Included teacher resources, both in the book and online, make it significantly easier to prepare for, administer, and assess the program, all while your students learn skills and information that will help them live healthier lifestyles outside of school.



Sport Education: Then and Now

  • Chapter 1. Key Features of the Sport Education Model
  • Chapter 2. Sport Education Curriculum and Instruction Strategies
  • Chapter 3. Class Management and Behavior Development
  • Chapter 4. Identifying and Selecting Season Outcomes
  • Chapter 5. Designing Seasons to Accomplish Outcomes
  • Chapter 6. Modifying Games and Activities
  • Chapter 7. Designing Competition Formats
  • Chapter 8. Defining Student Roles
  • Chapter 9. Selecting Teams and Coaches
  • Chapter 10. Making Sport Education Festive
  • Chapter 11. Assessment in Sport Education
  • Chapter 12. Integrating Academic Goals With Sport Education



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