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ClassPlus 24-Player Lacrosse Packs

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Everything you need to set up the field, teach the game, and get the whole class playing lacrosse!

Create the ideal environment to teach lacrosse with our all-compassing lacrosse packs for PE.

Complete packs include everything you need to set up and start playing quickly. Use the orange cones to mark the field; use the yellow cones to mark the halfway point on the field to prevent defensive players from crossing the center line.

At 6'W x 6'H x 4'6''D, the included goals are slightly shallower than an official goal, making it easy to retrieve the ball from the net. Durable 1-1/2” OD tubing maintains the goal's shape and lasts longer than many other options on the market. A heavy-duty nylon net with 1-3/4” sq mesh stops balls when they are thrown into it.

With 4 stick options ranging from 34" to 40"L, you will find the perfect option for your classes.

When the action wraps up, simply load the sticks, balls, and cones into the convenient cart and roll it back to the storage room. ABS-plastic stands up to routine use but is a breeze to transport.

Stick Options:

  • Gopher ReLAX Jr Lacrosse Sticks, 24 Ea
  • Gopher ReLAX Lacrosse Sticks, 24 Ea
  • Gopher ReLAX Plus Lacrosse Sticks, 24 Ea
  • Whip Aluminum Lacrosse Sticks, 24 Ea

All packs include:

  • Vinyl Cones, 10 Ea
  • Rubber Balls, 24 Ea
  • Magnus Lacrosse Cart, 1 Ea
  • PVC Lacrosse Goal, 2 Ea
  • Coaching Youth Lacrosse, 2nd ed., 1 Ea