Carlton Aeroblade 3000 Badminton Racquet

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Lightweight titanium head and steel shaft ensures easy maneuvering and a racquet that will last for years.

This lightweight racquet is effortless to hold and swing, allowing players to return shuttles as fast as they can react. An isometric head shape with braided-nylon strings energizes every serve, volley, and save to keep game play exciting. Recommended for middle- and high-school students.


  • 26"L Frame
  • Titanium and Steel Construction
  • Braided-Nylon Strings
  • 3.5 oz

Swift and Accurate

Powered by a lightweight titanium head, this racquet weighs just 3.5 oz and delivers unmatched performance. Shuttlecocks soar over the net at blistering speeds, yet shots remain accurate and controlled. Braided-nylon strings complement great hits with livelier shuttlecock reactions.

For Intermediate Play

An isometric head shape also expands the sweet spot for better hits from developing players. Responsive racquet handling also allows students can react quicker to incoming shuttles and deliver more controlled returns. Overall, intermediate players can quickly build confidence and master the skills of the game.