Bowling Fundamentals Book

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Learn the basics of bowling for lifelong success!

Bowling is a game of accuracy, form, and footwork—all skills that can be learned by anyone with the right approach! This book teaches students the fundamentals of bowling one at a time, from holding the ball properly, to approaching the lane, to releasing their throw. Game scoring and strategy are also discussed to build on core mechanics.

Learn Bowling Basics

Help students turn empty frames and gutter balls into a series of strikes and spares by teaching them proper mechanics. This book takes a chapter-by-chapter approach to teaching bowling form and mentality, helping students step up to the lanes with confidence. Starting with grip and stance, and moving through footwork, approach, delivery, and finish, this book outlines the critical steps needed to throw your best ball. Later chapters cover more complicated nuances of the game, such as picking up spares, adding spin to the ball, and setting up shots mentally.

Written by former Team USA Bowling Coach, Michelle Mullen, this 224-page bowling fundamentals book is the first and only resource you'll need when your PE bowling unit rolls around! It features 13 chapters, with each successive chapter building on skills learned in the previous to help students master bowling fundamentals.



  • Chapter 1 Bowling Ball and Grip
  • Chapter 2 Stance
  • Chapter 3 Approach and Timing
  • Chapter 4 Footwork
  • Chapter 5 Arm Swing
  • Chapter 6 Finish Position and Delivery
  • Chapter 7 Release
  • Chapter 8 Basic Lane Play
  • Chapter 9 Advanced Lane Play
  • Chapter 10 Spare Shooting
  • Chapter 11 Advanced Spare Shooting
  • Chapter 12 Mental Game
  • Chapter 13 Open Bowling and League Play

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