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Similar to bocce, boccia is played with cushioned balls and is great for players of all levels and abilities.

If you want a more versatile bocce-style game, Boccia is right up your alley! These soft, yet rugged boccia balls feature top-quality construction, with a cushioned 12-panel synthetic leather cover for consistent, predictable play. Best of all, you can use it indoors or out!

How to Play Boccia

A Boccia court is traditionally 6 m x 10 m. Two teams of up to 3 players compete against each other. A player from Team 1 throws the white target ball onto the court, and then tries to get his/her red ball as close as possible to the target. Team 2 then takes their turn, throwing one or more blue balls. When a blue ball is closer to the target ball, it is the first team's turn to throw again. The game continues in this way until all balls are thrown. The team with the ball closest to the target ball gets a point. One point is given for each ball placed better than the opponent's best ball, with a maximum of 6 points per game. A match comprises 4 total games.

High-Quality Components

While the synthetic-leather balls are highly durable, the soft construction will not harm gym floors like traditional bocce balls. The cushioned, 12-panel designed makes them easy to grip. The major benefit of boccia is that players of any age or ability can can play. Therefore, teachers can get the whole class involved in a non-intimidating game.

Set includes 12 balls (6 Ea red blue), 1 white target ball, and a deluxe zippered ball bag to make hauling the set as easy as possible.