BIGHitter Game Pack

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Enormous equipment makes for big baseball fun!

Change up your baseball and softball units with this oversized baseball game! Students of all ages and skill levels will love this new take on the traditional game that features a giant inflatable ball, a massive tee, and jumbo bats. The larger equipment makes it easier for players to hit and catch the ball.

Gigantic Equipment

The 30"L bat has a 6-1/2" dia mega barrel. It features a huge “sweet spot" to increase the success of beginners hitting the large 18" dia inflatable ball. The bat weighs only 19 oz, so it's easy to carry and swing. Molded texture grips improve the batter's control while the blow-molded design enhances the durability.

All of the bases are 24"L x 24"W x 1/4" thick and made of flexible, durable polyvinyl. Home plate measures 28" across. All are nearly twice the size of traditional bases—providing a larger and safer area for base running. The bases are weighted to sit perfectly for outdoor play and feature a grippy design on the bottom to keep them in place on smooth indoor surfaces. The polyvinyl construction resists cracking or drying out.

Multiple Games

Each set includes activity instructions with a variety of twists on traditional baseball and softball! Each option also includes variations to accommodate different ages and add quick variety to the activity.

In Run Double, for example, the first player steps up to bat and hits the ball off the tee, then begins running the bases. Immediately after the first player hits the ball, his/her partner places a new ball on the tee and bats. The partners run around the bases, trying to reach home plate and score points for their team. The outfield team collects the 2 balls and returns them to a designated player in the center of the diamond, or attempts to tag one of the runners. The teacher calls “time" when both balls are in the center of the diamond and the runners stop on a base. Partners stay on the same base between batters. When one partner is tagged while running, both players are out. Each team gets three outs per inning, switching positions after those outs.

Pack includes 1 set of bases, 2 bats, 1 tee, 6 balls (18" dia), nylon storage bag, and activity instructions. Bat also sold separately.