BeltBlaster Personal PA System

Unit:  Ea

Personal PA system with waistband amp offers hands-free broadcasting to small audiences.

Get everything needed to project voices to a small group on this portable waistband system. Lightweight system lets teachers focus on delivering their lessons without having to handle a microphone, adjust an amp, or navigate around PA equipment.

Hands-Free Amplification

Contained within a compact, waistband compartment, this personal PA system provides instructors with hands-free amplification that’s comfortable and natural. Project your voice to up to 75 people with 5W of power, indoors or out. It’s a great tool to save your voice from fatigue when addressing students in larger classrooms.

The system weighs just 2 lb—making it light enough to completely forget about it and focus on delivering lessons to students. Adjust the volume or turn it on/off with the press of a button. An LED battery indicator shows you how much battery power remains.

Everything You Need

The set includes a headset mic, lapel mic, an adjustable belt (up to 44" waist) that the speaker sits on, and a durable nylon carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Headset mic and lapel mic options give teachers the ability to choose the style they prefer when talking to their class. System measures 8"L x 3"W x 2"H; 2 lb.