Baseline Skinfold Caliper


Combines extreme accuracy and durability with ease of use and readability.

This aluminum skinfold caliper with large, 60 mm scale and needle indicator is both accurate and easy to use. Its measurement arms with floating tips ensure accurate, replicable results, time and time again.


  • For many professionals a Lange fat caliper is the definitive instrument for measuring skinfold thickness. It allows you to add additional insight into your overall body health, versus just using a scale. Skinfold thickness helps to determine body fat percentage.
  • The caliper is made of a lightweight aluminum, making it more malleable than steel and stronger than plastic. It is also corrosion resistant, prolonging the instrument’s life.
  • It features spring-loaded arms, providing constant pressure of 10gm/sq mm over the operating range.
  • The device is easy to read, as the face area is 30 sq mm and houses a needle indicator accurate up to +/- 1mm.
  • Floating tips are able to adjust to enable parallel measurement of skinfolds.
  • Instructions are included for how to measure body fat.