Baggo Beanbag Game

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A lightweight, introductory version of a popular beanbag tossing game.

Introduce young students to a popular backyard beanbag game! Players take turns tossing twill beanbags at the holes of the target boards to score. The boards nest together to form a storage case with latches and handles.

Easier Storage and Transportation

This is a smaller, more lightweight version of the popular backyard game, corn hole. Unlike traditional boards that can be heavy and difficult to move, these boards are lightweight with built-in bag storage – making transportation and storage easier than ever.

Users easily pack up and fasten the boards together with latches so they stay shut. An included wall-mount bracket allows game to hand on a wall to save on floor space. Four pockets on the backside of the boards hold the beanbags in place for storage.

Convenient Design

Each board features front and back leg extensions to prop the boards of the ground. Front legs removes any guessing on if the beanbag is on the board or on the ground and eliminated from the round.

A 20'L measuring cord connects to the front of each board so students won't have to guess how far apart to set the boards when getting ready to play. Manual score keepers on each board count up to 21 so students can simply move with each score.

Set includes 2 boards (33-1/2"L x 20"W), 8 beanbags (4 Ea Red, Blue), a 20'L measuring cord, and a wall mount. 20 lb total.