Autism Visual Exercise System - Yoga Pack

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Thick mats offer extra comfort for yoga exploration.

Adapted yoga is a great way to settle students and help them re-stabilize their mind and body. Movements enhance flexibility and teach students relaxation techniques. Equipment is designed to be safe, accommodating, and comfortable. Packs include everything teachers need to set up and execute an adapted yoga curriculum.

Promote Calmness and Peace

Students on the spectrum or those with cognitive disabilities are prone to moments of agitation or outbursts of unease. Yoga is a wholesome, beneficial approach to restoring stability and helping students achieve peace. Movement and positions also improve flexibility and muscle strength for additional benefits. Yoga's emphasis on focus will keep students engrossed and participating throughout class.

Safe, Reliable Equipment

Mats in this pack provide comfort and feature an anti-slip top and bottom for enhance traction and safety. Soft to the touch and welcoming in any yoga position, students will enjoy mats. Along with the mats, the Total Visual Exercise System - Yoga information pack features 31 visuals (2" x 2" small and 8-1/2" x 11" large) including 2 exercise schedules, 2 countdown boards, 2 first-then sequential activity boards, exercise stories and worksheets, and 1 manual to guide implementation.

Complete Pack includes:

  • Total Visual Exercise System - Yoga, 1 Set
  • Rainbow ExerFit Mats, 48"L, Set of 6