Autism Visual Exercise System - Sports Pack

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Comprehensive pack designed specifically for students with autism includes instruction and enough equipment to play 12 sports!

Adapted for students with special needs or those on the autism spectrum, this pack provides an assortment of engaging, non-intimidating equipment, while introducing a wide variety of sports. Packs are designed to keep students active, while also instilling an understanding of objectives across different games. Adapted sports pack comes with storage and organization materials for teachers.

Friendly Introduction to Sports

The fast-paced nature and rules of sports can make it challenging for students with special needs to participate. This adapted sports pack is a friendly, inviting, non-intimidating segue into a wide range of sports, presenting an entire curriculum's-worth of adapted activities. Brightly-colored gear, softer balls, large visuals, and more all serve to engage students instead of deterring them, making it easy to learn and execute skills.

Pack offers premium equipment for practicing fundamental skills for a wide range of sports including football, swimming, soccer, jumping, running, tennis, volleyball, hockey, badminton, flexibility, bowling, and cup stacking.

Organized Pack

Pack includes the Visual Exercise System - Sports information pack, which features 127 visuals (Small 2" x 2" and Large 8-1/2" x 11"), 4 exercise schedules, 4 countdown boards, 4 first-then sequential activity boards, exercise stories and worksheets, and 1 manual to guide implementation. An included storage bag makes storage and transport of items easier and more convenient, while folders keep resources organized.

Complete Pack includes:

  • Visual Exercise System - Sports, 1 Set
  • AllStar Rainbow Synthetic Gloves, 11", Set of 6
  • Rainbow SoftFly Softballs, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Supra Basketballs, Size 6, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Supra Soccer Balls, Size 4, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Supra Volleyballs, Set of 6
  • Gopher Rainbow Midsize Jr. Aluminum Tennis Racquets, 21"L/8 oz, Set of 6
  • QuickStart 60 Slow-Bounce Tennis Balls, 9 Ea
  • Cosom Plastic-Shaft Floor Hockey Sticks w/ Pucks, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Gopher G100 Badminton Racquets, 26"L, Set of 6
  • S1 Recreational Shuttlecocks, Yellow, Set of 6
  • TuffStryke Bowling Pins w/ TuffStryke Bowling Balls, 1 Set
  • Rainbow QuickCups Sport Stacking Cups w/ Storage Case, 6 Sets
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bags, Large, 2 Ea
  • Rainbow Intro-Sport Footballs, Set of 6