All-Time Favorite Dances CD

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Thirteen dance classics to get students moving during class!

Provide students with some timeless dance favorites to get them on their feet and excited to move! These 13 songs are geared toward students age 6-12.

Fun and Upbeat

This dance CD includes upbeat classics that children of all ages will enjoy. Kids are able to move around and enjoy themselves, getting plenty of exercise while also working on their creativity. This CD also includes a guide with lyrics and instruction.

Track List

  • The Twist
  • Rocky Top
  • The Limbo Rock
  • The Chicken
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • The Hora
  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • The Hokey Pokey
  • The Conga
  • Alley Cat
  • Virginia Reel
  • The Bunny Hop
  • The May Pole Dance