AerobicBeats Drum Set

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Turn rhythm activities into a fast-pace aerobic workout!

This fun-filled, energetic pack beats all other rhythm activities for kids! It features 7 unique activities that keep students moving and grooving, allowing them to express their creativity while getting a full-body workout.

Engaging Game Options

Included activities encourage fun and creativity, all while students get a full-body workout and learn basic rhythm patterns. They use rhythm sticks to beat different drum patterns on the bucket and ball drums. Activities begin with basic rhythm instruction and then become more challenging with faster beats, more detailed patterns, and more room for creative interpretation. Games also include big movements to encourage more activity.

Set includes 12 five-gallon buckets, 12 utility balls (13" dia), 12 pr rhythm sticks, 1 music CD, and 2 VersaBag mesh storage bags to store and transport balls and sticks.