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ACTIVE! FitCardz Set

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Deal out fitness fun with a fitness card game that encourage physical activity!

Get students excited about fitness by combining it with their favorite card games. FitCardz shuffle things up and gets students moving! They aren’t like your average deck of playing cards—each FitCard displays a suit, number (of reps), and activity that gets students moving during class.

In one activity, deal all cards face down. Up to 12 players sit in a circle around them. Going around the circle, players turn over a single card until two consecutive cards match! The first player to shout “Snap!” and perform the required reps of the activity displayed on the matching cards takes both piles of face-up cards for themselves. The player with the most cards after a predetermined amount of time wins.

With FitCardz, teachers have everything they need to get students moving right from the get-go. The convenient set includes 54 cards and instructions for four fun activities that involve the whole class. 5”L x 3-1/2”W cards resist tearing, even under institutional use.