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ACTION! SoccetBall Set

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Score baskets without using your hands in this dynamic fusion of soccer and basketball!

Teams face off using their feet, knees, and heads to guide an oversized yet lightweight soccer ball into a huge 38" dia basketball goal in the center of a circular court. At the signal, a team kicks the oversized 11" dia ball into play where it must be touched by another player before either team can score. There are no zones—both teams can run and score from anywhere on the court, allowing for nonstop activity. The last team that touches the ball before it goes in the basket scores, and the team with the most points at the end wins! Goal adjusts from 72-1/2"H to 96-1/2"H, and the weighted rubber base has tip-and-roll wheels for easy transport.

Set includes 1 oversized ball, 1 powder-coated steel goal (82 lb), and activity instructions. Individual oversized ball, Official Size 5 ball, and replacement net also sold separately. Oversized ball is easier to use, making it ideal for younger players. The smaller official size ball makes passing, kicking, and hitting it more challenging for older players.