ACTION! RicochetRally Set

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Custom goalie shields ricochet balls, adding a unique twist to this action-packed game!

Players score by advancing the ball down the play area and getting it into the opponent's goal while goalies use a custom shield with a springy nylon center to ricochet the ball away and back into play! Ball handlers can take 3 steps only and if a flag is pulled, the ball is turned over. Lose all 3 flags and you're designated to defense. The first team to 10 points, or the team with the most points after the predetermined amount of time wins!

Rally the Excitement

During RicochetRally, one player from each team serves as the goalie and uses the shield. Goalies are the only players allowed in the defensive area and use the shield to block balls from getting into the goal. Offensive players pass the ball to teammates to advance down the field. Defensive players attempt to stop opponents from scoring by intercepting the ball or removing a flag from a player's belt while he/she is in possession of the ball. Players are not allowed to take more than 3 steps while holding the ball. Players without flags are on defense. The first team to score 10 points, or the team with the most points after a predetermined time wins!

Increase the challenge by having players bounce the ball off the shield and into the goal to score. You can also change the goalie each time the offense scores a point.

Easy-to-Use Equipment

The custom ABS shield is lightweight and easy for all ages to hold. Two handles provide a secure grip and can be adjusted for the right angle. The taut nylon center rebounds balls with ease and is very durable.

Rectangular goals with fiberglass frames feature a "pop-up" design for simple setup. While our ClickPro Flag Belts include a simple 1-click buckle for easy on, easy off.

Set includes 2 shields (10"W x 20"H), 2 goals (48"W x 37"H x 37"D), 4 foam balls (3.5" dia; 2 ea red, blue), 24 flag belts (12 ea red, blue), and activity instructions. Balls and shields also sold separately.