Rainbow Plastic SmartCones

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Unit:  Set of 6

Set up stations in seconds with this cone that doubles as a sign holder!

These durable 18"H cones securely hold paper signs thanks to molded-in slots, making them perfect for use in fitness stations, relays, challenges, games, and more.

Sign Holding Ability

Easily display each drill in your next sport skills unit with these cones! A molded slot in the top of each cone holds laminated or hard cards, making information easy to see for the whole class. The 18"H maximizes legibility for students.

When not holding signs, these cones function perfectly as regular cones for marking boundaries in sports and games.

Lasting Design

A durable, flexible polyethylene design allows these cones to return to their original shape after impact. This is the same material used in our durable plastic Rainbow cones.

Colorful Versatility

The Rainbow colors make it easy to break up your class into different skills groups and store equipment in an organized manner.