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Rainbow BigTop Ringz Set

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Adjustable design and bright Rainbow colors toss variety into a favorite carnival game!

Create a limitless number of patterns for a new ring tossing game every time! Each of the 12 pegs fit securely into the board’s 24 holes, yet can be quickly and easily moved. An MDF board top (the same style as a table tennis top) is extremely durable and resists any scratches or scuffs, while rubber feet keep the board in place and protect the floors. All pegs and rings come in Rainbow colors, which allows you to add just about any color-coordinated twist to the game you can think of!

Develop Key Motor Skills

Bring a classic carnival-themed game to Physical Education classes and make changes as you see fit. Several twists to the game encourage players to work on skills that will help them in many areas of fitness!

Players take turns tossing foam rings onto the board, trying to land on the corresponding peg color. If a player's ring lands around an opponent's peg color, the player replaces the opponent's peg with his/her colored peg. A round is complete after throwing all 6 rings. Tally points at the end of each round.

Teachers and players can adjust the pegs as the game progresses, adding or subtracting them, or altering the set based on the desired game. This allows for complete customization based on players' needs and abilities.

High-Quality, Safe Equipment

The MDF board is stronger than plywood and holds up to toss after toss without cracking or chipping. The board's rubber feet prevent it from slipping during play and prevent the board from marking or scratching your floor. The PVX pegs are durable and easy to grip when moving them around. The top is capped to protect players' fingers.

Set includes 1 board (24"sq x 2-1/2" thick), 12 pegs (10"H x 1" dia), 6 rings (10" dia), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.