50 Games for Going Green Book

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Teach students how to care for their environment while also being active!

Teaching students how to be environmentally responsible is easy when you make a game out of it! With 50 activities aimed at instilling eco-friendly lessons in students, this book is a great way to get them active while also educating them on the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Minimal equipment is required, making these games ideal for classroom fun!

Focus on the Environment

Games in this book put a fundamental focus on treating the Earth with respect and encourage students to explore the benefits of reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling what must be discarded. Students learn more about these topics and then do them during games. They discover how to recycle paper, re-purpose plastic bottles into bowling pins, and practice identifying and sorting recyclable materials.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Activity

The 50 activities in this book are designed to reinforce eco-friendly objectives. Students and teachers benefit from various types of games, including warm ups, relays, circuit and station activities, literary and drama activities, fitness games, and cooperative activities. This 128-page book is split into 6 chapters, covering a range of activities focused on literacy, fitness, and cooperation.


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  • Chapter 1. Warm-Up Activities
  • Chapter 2. Relays
  • Chapter 3. Circuit and Station Activities
  • Chapter 4. Literacy and Drama Activities
  • Chapter 5. Fitness Activities
  • Chapter 6. Cooperative Activities

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