5-Station Putting Green Pack

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A complete pack of 5 putting stations.

Aim for regulation-size cups and sink putts from up to 9' away to emphasize proper aiming and stroke power. Automatic ball return eliminates the need for retrieval, while hazards put critical emphasis on shot focus. 2-way putters accommodate left- or right-handed students. Each green rolls up for quick and compact storage.

Levels of Difficulty

Two variations of putting mats represent an ascending level of difficulty. Automatic Putting Systems offer a long putting surface and slight grade towards the hole, helping students learn shot alignment and power. Putt'n Hazard putting practice mats incorporate hazards and a larger putting surface, demanding even more focus and stroke control. Regulation-sized cups provide students with a true-to-course feel for green behavior.

Automatic Ball Return

Both golf putting mat variations feature an automatic ball return system. Automatic Putting Systems route balls back to the player using gravity, while Putt'n Hazard systems auto-eject balls once a putt is registered to have sunk!

Simple Storage

Despite their size, these automatic putting return mats are tremendously easy to set up and store! The putting lanes roll up into the end fixture for easy transportation and convenient, compact storage.

5-Station Putting Green Packs are available in packs, with additional putting greens and putters sold separately.

Pack Options

  • 5-Station Putting Green Pack. Includes:
    • Putt'n Hazard Putting Green, 2 Ea
    • Auto Putt System Putting Green, 3 Ea
    • Two-Way Putters, 5 Ea
    • Golf Balls, 12 Ea