28.5" x 28.5" Seamless Zip Tiles

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Economical, light-grade rubber tiles seamlessly zip together—now with custom design options!

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No matter the size or configuration of a space, this flooring option will work for your needs! Simply cut these tiles to fit the desired space, with no adhesive necessary. A rubber tile floor muffles noises, dampens vibrations, and protects floors against damage from heavy fitness equipment. Full color and logo options also available to provide complete customization.

Seamlessly Zip Tiles Together

These 3/8" thick tiles feature an intricate interlocking pattern of 1-1/2”W tabs that nearly disappear during installation, resulting in a seamless surface. Unique tabs keep tiles secure without needing additional tapes, adhesives, or application labor. They can also be disassembled and reassembled without damaging the tiles.

Environmentally-Friendly Construction

Made of fine rubber granules, these interlocking tiles stand up to everyday use. They are manufactured with an industry-high 31% to 57% post-industrial recycled content for a certified green flooring option that reduces waste. Blended and bound with a water-based polyurethane polymer, these materials are transformed into high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, industrial-strength flooring option. Each tile is 11 lb 3 oz.

Customization Options

Create custom tiles with unique color combinations. Select color granules (which are smaller, finer specks) or chunks (larger, bolder pieces) and choose from any of a variety of vibrant colors. This allows you to customize your gym’s look to match school colors. Logo options are also available for additional customization.