ACTIVE! It's Your Move! Set

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Students roll the dice, perform fun locomotor movements, and increase their fitness.

Foam fitness dice are a great way to add variety to the day's exercise routine. Whatever activity the dice land on is what students have to perform. With 12 sides to each die, there are enough options to put together a full body workout! Random chance means no 2 warm ups are ever the same. Use dice indoors or out thanks to a durable, resilient design.

An Exciting Addition to Class

Students will love rolling the dice and waiting to see what the next activity is. Dice are bound to add excitement to warm up exercises! Because dice are subject to random chance, warm up routines will never be the same. This keeps things interesting and fun, while also keeping students on-task and on track. This set of 6 dice also lets students create their own self-led exercises.

Durable, Friendly Construction

Coated-foam construction makes dice extremely resilient and durable, allowing them to be used both indoors and out. No matter where your activities take place, students can roll the dice without fear of damaging them. Dice are also pick-proof to prevent students from picking at them. Set comes with a mesh bag for easy carrying and storage.